Financial Planning

Many who sought a financial planner near me have chosen Stillwater Wealth Management Group. Our financial plans are tailored specifically for each client as no financial situations are identical. Our plans are designed to be living documents that evolve over time as life events unfold; financial goals will change which means your plan must change too. We strive to efficiently achieve your goals with the least amount of risk in a tax-efficient manner. 

Retirement Planning

We look to minimize your taxes while providing you the portfolio income you need for your lifestyle. Your dollars must maintain their purchasing power, therefore we manage our client’s portfolio income to increase over time so that inflation will not adversely affect your portfolio. Our eyes are constantly on your portfolio so that your eyes can be fully directed at what matters most to you. 

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management is a transparent model that truly puts the interest of our clients first. After determining risk appetite, time horizon, and suitability among other factors, we establish the appropriate asset allocation and dollar cost average into the markets as we implement their specific plan. We utilize the most current research from the top investment firms as well as conduct our own proprietary research. The portfolio holdings are highly liquid and are, where advisable, mostly individual positions thus minimizing unnecessary internal fees. 

401(K) Company Sponsored Plans

Working with businesses and nonprofits, we implement and handle their company sponsored retirement plans (401k, 403b, etc). In addition to screening and analyzing each individual fund offered in their investment selection, we handle all ongoing administrative requirements for these plans. We also are accessible for all plan participant members should they have questions regarding their investments and asset allocations.

Charitable Giving

It’s a privilege to work with clients that have the gift of generosity. We have yet to encounter a generous person that is unhappy as it truly is more blessed to give than receive! We help guide them to be able to give tax-efficiently to the organizations most important to them, whether it is a one-time gift or establishing a donor advised fund for recurring gifts or perpetual giving. 

Our Services